Science Programs

By the time it was founded in 1994, the High Lonesome Ranch landscape was facing some serious challenges. More than 150 years of ranching, mining, farming, and predator control had deeply impacted the very ecosystems that had given the land its beauty and vitality. So, from day one, the High Lonesome Ranch owners began to restore this irreplaceable landscape. They invited respected science and policy organizations to develop research programs, using the Ranch as an enormous natural laboratory to support much-needed solutions.

Their vision spurred the creation of The High Lonesome Institute – a center of science and ideas—a forum for shared dialogue among public, private, and scientific sectors, including an education component with applied science at the forefront, where research happens, problems can be resolved, and policies are incubated.

The Ranch is facilitating solutions that will help secure the future of other western lands. In fact, this collaboration is designed to provide solutions to critical resource issues facing the Intermountain West and beyond.