High Lonesome Institute is the first institute in the inter-mountain west for leading universities, scholars and professionals to conduct science studies on a multiple-use working landscape of a national-park size. It is an onsite, world-class institute dedicated to cutting-edge wildlife, wetlands and resource management research, education and outreach. As the home of the institute, The High Lonesome Ranch will become North America’s largest private land multiple-use outdoor laboratory for the Nation’s most prestigious universities.

The science being conducted at High Lonesome Institute will have impact far beyond The High Lonesome Ranch and even other western lands. The energy development, water management and sustainable multiple-use issues studied at HLR reach far beyond the ownership lines of the ranch, the region and the nation. Through our studies and the practical application of our findings, it is our intent to inform land use policy worldwide.

Using the diverse HLR landscape-scale laboratory, HLI accomplishes these purposes through applied science, education and outreach, focused on: 

  1. Experiential learning
  2. Improving land, water and resource management
  3. Providing a forum for dialogue among diverse groups creating common ground on conservation and sustainable development